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Kakashi Garden

Do you ever wonder how Kakashi got his sharingan and his scar? This is that story.

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Kakashi Gaiden

Kakashi Gaiden is a small six-part spinoff manga based on the popular manga Naruto, by Masashi Kishimoto. Kishimoto published the miniseries in place of the regular Naruto storyline in Shonen Jump, which last through chapters 239-244. The Gaiden acts as an intermission between the end of the first Naruto arc and the brand-new story arc, which skips ahead about 3 years into the future

The story surrounds a 12 year-old Kakashi Hatake, who embarks on a mission with his team, which includes another boy, named Obito Uchiha, a medical kunoichi named Rin, and their teacher, the future 4th Hokage (Yondaime). They were first seen in the team portrait from flashbacks at the conclusion of the Chunnin Exam arc.

This arc answers many questions about Kakashi's past. It is learned how Kakashi receives his Sharingan, the identity of Obito, and when Kakashi became a Jounin. It also gives a first glimpse of who the Yondaime was, when he was still alive.

The Characters
Below are some of the important characters seen in the Kakashi Gaiden.

Kakashi Hatake
At the beginning of the Kakashi Gaiden, Kakashi, 12 years old, has just become a Jounin as he has shown  that he is a powerful ninja.. Kakashi is like Sasuke because he is a fairly serious guy and does not respect his male teammate because of the belief that he is weak. The relationship of Kakashi and Obito, at the beginning of the Kakashi Gaiden, is like that of Sasuke and Naruto.

Obito Uchiha
During the Kakashi Gaiden, Obito is a 12-year old Genin. Obito is like Naruto Uzumaku. He not only looks similar to him, but he acts similar to him. Like Naruto, Obito is goofy and not respected, initially at least, by his other male teammate. Also like Naruto though, he is ready to put his life on the line for his teammates without hesitation. Obito carries the blood of an Uchiha and has the power of the Sharingan within him. He does not actually awaken the Sharingan, though, until Kakashi gets hurt in an attempt to save Obito from a Rock Ninja.

During the Kakashi Gaiden, Rin is a 12-year old Genin and is the kunoichi of the team. She is in soem ways like Sakura. Rin likes Kakashi like Sakura likes Sasuke and sort of ignores Obito the same way Sakura does to Naruto. She has the power to heal others as she is a medical ninja and is the one who took Obito's Sharingan eye and implanted it into Kakashi.

The future 4th Hokage, Yondaime
During the Kakashi Gaiden, he is a Jounin and the sensei of Kakashi, Obito, and Rin. Not yet Hokage, he was referred to as “Konoha's Yellow Flash” because of his yellow hair and amazing speed. 

Sakumo Hatake
Kakashi's father. He was regarded to be at the level of a legendary sannin, and was called Konoha's White Fang.
One day, at the time of an important mission, Sakumo's teammates were in trouble, so he decided to save his teammates rather than complete the mission. Sakumo was regarded as a coward for backing out of the mission, and the village residents of Konoha looked down on him. As a result, Sakumo felt dishonored and killed himself.

The Manga
The Kakashi Gaiden consists of six chapters. Below are the summaries of each of them.

Kakashi Gaiden Part 1: The Mission Stars
At a meeting to hear their new mission, Kakashi receives gifts for advancement to Jounin from his teammate Rin and his Jounin sensei, the future Fourth Hokage. His other teammate Obito has forgotten a gift and becomes annoyed at Kakashi. Kakashi dismisses Obito as useless but Obito says once he awakens his Sharingan he will surpass Kakashi. The future Yondaime tells his team their mission so they travel through the Grass Country in the middle of a conflict between Hidden Rock Village and the Hidden Leaf Village. Spied on from the trees beyond by a ninja from Hidden Rock, Kakashi sees this as a good time to use his new attack - the Chidori. 

Kakashi Gaiden Part 2: Teamwork
Kakashi bolts away to attack their hidden foe. Faced with numerous Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones), Kakashi cannot find the original ninja. The Rock ninja uses the mayhem to attack a defenseless Obito. But the quickness of the future Fourth Hokage rescues Obito and then he instantly transports in the blink of an eye using his Hiraishin no Jutsu to the location of their foe. The Rock ninja is shocked to have faced "Konoha's Yellow Flash" and fallen to him so easily. Kakashi calls Obito a coward and Obito later asks the man who become the Fourth, why Kakashi acts the way he does. The future Fourth Hokage tells him of how Kakashi's legendary father, Sakumo Hatake (also known as Konoha's White Fang), killed himself after the village looked down on him for rescuing his teammates rather than completing his mission. 

Kakashi Gaiden Part 3: A True Hero
After Rin uses her abilities to heal one of Kakashi's wounds, the future Fourth Hokage tells the team they are now splitting up into two groups, one led by Kakashi and the future 4th going on alone. Kakashi then leads his team further into Rock territory to destroy their objective bridge. Two Rock ninja appear and ambush the trio; they manage to capture Rin and flee. Obito tells Kakashi he is going after Rin but Kakashi says they should complete their mission. Obito yells at Kakashi telling him his father was a true hero when he protected his precious friends. Obito then goes off on his own to save Rin.

Kakashi Gaiden Part 4
The future Fourth Hokage arrives to help outnumbered Leaf-nin in battle by using his Hiraishin no Jutsu to take out their large number of opponents. Elsewhere in Kusa no Kuni, Kakashi reflects on Obito words. Obito himself finds at Rins' location but he is snuck up on by an invisible Rock ninja. Kakashi arrives to save Obito but gets his left eye slashed in the process. Obito is scared and begins to cry but he reaffirms himself and finally activates his Sharingan. Using it he sees his invisible attacker and kills him.

Kakashi Gaiden Part 5: A Gift
Kakashi bandages his eye and the two Leaf ninja approach a cave to save the weakening Rin from the remaining Rock ninja. Using their skills they strike the Rock ninja and save Rin. When Obito throws Kakashi out of the way of a falling rock, caused by an Iwa ninja's Doton: Iwayado Kuzushi (Earth Release: Rock Lodging Destruction), his entire right side is crushed from that falling rock. Mortally wounded and knowing his life is over he tells Rin to remove his eye and offers Kakashi his Sharingan-capable, intact left eye as a belated promotion present and final gift to Kakashi for being promoted to Jounin. Obito tells Kakashi he is a great ninja and that he can become Kakashi's eye and help them all live on. A short time passes and Kakashi emerges from the rubble a holder of the Sharingan.

Kakashi Gaiden Part 6: The Sharingan Hero
When Kakashi emerges he strikes out against the Rock ninja and manages to kill him using his fully perfected Chidori. Rock ninjas arrive and cause a further cave-in, forcing Rin and Kakashi to leave Obito behind as the rubble envelops him. Angered, Kakashi goes to fight his opponents but he passes out from a lack of chakra. Rin uses the Fourth Hokage's gift to Kakashi, a special Hiraishin kunai, to bring the Hokage to their location to save them. Kakashi awakens to find their enemies defeated. The Fourth Hokage apologizes for not getting there more quickly. The remaining team members cherish their memories of Obito and go on to destroy the bridge.


Closing Notes
Obito, mentioned by Kakashi several times earlier in Naruto, is revealed to be a member of the Uchiha clan. But, unlike other noteworthy Uchiha including Sasuke and Itachi, Obito initially appears to be like Naruto in behavior, personality and ninja ability, while Kakashi is the acknowledged genius and leader of the group. Obito initially appears without the Sharingan ability. He then later awakens it when Kakashi saves him from a Rock village ninja.

The gaiden also explains the origin of the scar on Kakashi's left eye. In the earlier arcs, it was believed that Kakashi's left eye scar came from the surgical implantation of the Sharingan eye. However, in chapter 242 of the Naruto manga, the scar on Kakashi's left eye appears now to have come from a battle with a Rock ninja. Kakashi detects a Rock ninja, and yells his warning at his teammate, Uchiha Obito, who is too slow to react. Kakashi jumps in front of Obito to save him from the enemy's kunai and thus Kakashi's left eye is slashed to form the scar that Kakashi still has today, blinding him in the left side. Obito saw Kakashi injured, and had flashbacks of his laziness, and lame excuses about getting tardy, which made him realize how Kakashi loved him as a friend, even though he disliked Kakashi. With that anger, Obito awakened his Sharingan.

Obito's Sharingan eye only has two tomoe, implying that Kakashi succeeds in fully evolving the eye to its third stage and eventually even the Mangekyo form at a later time.

It would also appear that Kakashi's beliefs came from Obito. Obito was the one who said that those who don't care about their comrades are worse than those who don't follow the rules. Kakashi reflected on this principle during Team 7's bell test. It seems that principle is Obito's legacy to Kakashi who visits his grave before every mission, which explains his infamous habit of tardiness.

The eventual fate of Rin has yet to be revealed, but on a number of occasions Kakashi has told people in the present that the people he cared deepest for were all dead. This would seem to imply Rin loses her life at some point after the Kakashi Gaiden but before the onset of the main Naruto story. It seems as though, like Sakura and Sasuke, Rin had feelings for Kakashi that were slightly one-sided in the onset.

Also, the man who would become the 4th Hokage (Yondaime) is never referred to by name, which adds to fan speculation that he is perhaps Naruto's father.

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