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                      NINJA RANKS
In the world of Naruto, all village have ranks that defined who they are and how much they have accomplish. They lived ordinary lives but their dream is to someday become a Ninja (Shinobi). Anyone that want to become a Ninja must enroll in the Academy as Academy Student. If one does graduate from the Academy doesn't mean they will become a Genin, though are still regarded as Ninja. To achieve the title Hage is to be the strongest of that village and outwit your opponent in both body and spirit. There are other ranks like ANBU, Ninja Hunters and even Missin Ninja.


Academy StudentAcademy Students
The Ninja Academy is the first step in becoming a ninja. Academy student are enrolled as young as 6 and remain Academy Students until they pass the necessary tests. They are taught by Chunin. They do daily exercise and are taught basic ninja tactics, such as; weapons usage (kunai and shuriken), ninja justu; Transformation Jutsu, Clone Jutsu and most importantly, chakra control. This is similar to Elementary School. No missions are carry out by Academy Student. Upon graduation, each student will receive what is called "Forehead Protector". It means that you are officially no longer Academy Student but no a real Ninja. The forehead protector can be worn anywhere.

Note: According to Naruto, the Leaf Village forehead protector is not only a sign of graduation from Academy School, but also a mean of fair fights between comrades. It is also for protection purposes. Graduating from the Academy and receiving the Head Protector does not mean that you are officially a Genin.


GeninGenin - Cadets
Genin means low Ninja because it is the lowest rank given to a Ninja. Though there are many Genin, they are very diverse in power and skills. There are weak and strong Genins. Genin are assign a team and are taught by a Jonin. They also receive further training (higher rank jutsu) and guidance. Genin are assign to mostly D-rank mission, the lowest of rank mission, like; manual labor, retrieve animal, pick grass or help with chores. C-rank mission are only given to talent/strong Genin. Many are given B-rank mission because of Ninja shortage. Mission are done by all 3 members of the team.

Note: The process of officially becoming a Genin is passing the Survival Test when put into a team and being overseaed by a Jonin. That's why only 9 passed and became Rookie Genin: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru, Ino, Shino, Kiba, Chouji, and Hinata


ChuuninChunin - Commoners
Chunin means middle Ninja. To get promoted to Chunin is very hard. You need a combination of strength and logic skills. They are team leader, who put can put their life on the line to save their comrades, insure that missions are carry out successfully, and are able to gather correct information and make the right decision in difficult situation. They must show leader skills as well as Jutsu skills. Chunin qualification are put to the test in the Chunin Exam. Chunin are either teacher or military leader for mission. Chunin are given C to B-rank missions.


Special JouninSpecial Jonin - Special Elites
Special Jonin are those who have master many high rank jutsu and also a specialize in a certain fields. They are usually in charge of the Chunin Exam and leader of a special force. An example of Special Jonin would be Ibiki for his talent for understand human psychology, which he is able to mess with people's mind and get the truth out of them. B-rank mission are given to them. Another example is Ebisu but his specialty is unknown.


JouninJonin - Elites
Jonin means high Ninja. Jonin are highly rank and skilled Ninja, especially in many kind of jutsu. They are often sent on A-rank mission. They are also assign to be a sensei of a certain team, to train and guide their Genins. Not many are chosen to become Jonin. The process is unknown.

There is another classification under Jonin and that is S-class. There is no official rank given to S-class, but they can either be higher or lower the a Jonin according to their villages. S-class are known for their disappearance after they have reach Jonin in their prospected villages, as wanderer or private clan. They are very powerful individual capable of developing new techniques. Others are known because of their status/nickname. Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary 3 Ninja): Jiraiya the Toad Hermit and Toad Tamer, Orochimaru the Snake Tamer, and Tsunda the Slug Tamer and the Legendary Sucker for her bad gambling skills. Or others like the Fourth Hokage, Leaf Village Yellow Flash and Hatake Sakumo the Leaf Village White Fang.


Five Kages: from left (Mizukage, Kazekage, Hokage, Tsuchikage, Raikage. Kage means Shadow. Kage are leader of a particular Hidden Village. More precisely, there can only be 1 kage per Country (5 country), but can belong to any Hidden Villages. The title Kage is only given to the strongest Ninja in that Village, meaning strongest village in that country. Jonin and S-class are often chosen to be a Kage. Kage are extremely strong because of their ability to perform many unique, s-rank, and powerful jutsu. 3rd Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaf is known as "Professor" because he has master over hundreds or Jutsu and all Jutsu in the Leaf Village. Hokage belong to the Village Hidden in the Leaf. Mizukage belong to the Village Hidden in the Mist. Tsuchikage belong to the Village Hidden in the Rock. Raikage belong to the Village Hidden in the Cloud. Kazekage belong to the Village Hidden in the Sand.

*There are different types of "Kages":  Ho-kage (Fire Country), Kaze-kage (Wind Country), Rai-kage (Lightning Country), Mizu-kage (Water Country), and Tsuchi-kage (Earth Country).


Missing Ninja
Missin-nin are ninja who have abandon their village. These missing-ninja are consider traitor and are are hunted down by Shinobi Hunters. Many leave because of their hatred for their village, unsatisfaction, or other goal. Example of missin-ninja would be Sasuke, Zabuza, Orochimaru and many more...


Ninja HunterShinobi Hunters
Each Hidden Villages has their own team of Ninja Hunters. Their main purpose is to hunt down Missin Ninja. After killing the missing-ninja, they would dispose of the body, leave no trace behind, take a sample (head or something) and bring back as clue. The dispose of the body is to insure that their Village Ninja secrets are to be study.


ANBU or Black OpsANBU -Black Ops
ANBU is known as the "Black Ops" in Viz Translation. They are chosen Chunin or Jonin who's mission is to assassinate any unwanted visitors in their village. They are also the village's protector. They are deploy in case of emergency (somewhat like the National Security of Defense). ANBU only disquised themself with a mask while on duty to distinguish themselves from normal ninja. ANBU also have a sword with them. Example of ANBU members are Kakashi and Itachi (captain at 13).

Note: Current ANBU Leader is Raidou. The guy in white hood.

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