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Charka Guide
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Chakra Guide

In NARUTO, Chakra is the elemental type energy that a ninja uses in jutsu and is the source of the ninjas power. It's very similar to the terms Ki energy from Dragon Ball Z or Reiatsu from BLEACH. It's energy that is collected from cells in the body. In NARUTO, ninjas use both their chakra and spiritual energy (which is only improved through training and experience) to complete a jutsu. When both body and spirit energies are blended together (also known as the process of molding chakra) and the proper hand seal(s) are forumed, a technique can be executed. To perform a Ninjutsu or Genjutsu technique, it is crucial to mix your chakra correctly.

Other than chakra, there is another factor that play a part in the execution of a technique. Stamina is that factor, as it plays a big role in the life of a ninja. Stamina is the ability to resist fatigue and tiredness. It is the amount of endurance you have, both physically and mentally. Without stamina, you cannot have chakra. In order for you to have chakra, you must convert it from stamina.

Each technique needs a different amount of energy in different proportions. The mind and body power must be used in different proportions to execute different techniques. If you are unable to control the balance, the technique you are trying to perform will either be only half as effective or not executed at all. In the picture to the right, Naruto failed in making a perfect clone of himself. Instead he created a washed up clone of himself. 

Kakashi informs Team 7 that the most difficult place to concentrate and control your chakra is in your feet. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke practice for days to master their chakra control by climbing trees without the use of their hands. Without Sakura and Sasuke, Naruto also practiced walking on water with Jounin Ebisu and the legendary sannin Jiraiya to help improve his chakra control.

Note that chakra is only needed for executing Ninjutsu and Genjutsu attacks. It is not needed to perform Taijutsu attacks, as Taijutsu is dependent solely on stamina alone.

Different Types of Chakra

Normal Chakra
This is the basic and normal type of chakra which normally takes a form color of blue. It is the one we usually see everyone have.


Nine-tail Fox Chakra
This Chakra possess an evil dwelling deep within, as it is the holding of the evil nine-tail demon fox demon. The nine-tail fox is deep within Naruto, and he is the only character which can use this Chakra.. This chakra gives a 'disguisting evil feel' as quoted by Zabuza from the early Naruto episodes. The Chakra is a red thick color and when it leaks out, it occasionally takes the form of the the demon fox. When the Chakra is released, Naruto starts to heal unbelievably quickly from his wounds and his speed and power increase dramatically.


Cursed Seal Chakra
This is a power possessed by those who have been bitten by Orochimaru. This chakra is a dense tone of purple which revolves around the body when the seal is activated. This chakra, if used constantly, drains away the user's life force and soon will make them slaves to Orochimaru forever. This Chakra only appears when the user's normal chakra span is reduced to a minimum and they cant use anymore.


Healing Chakra
This type of chakra is used by medical ninja for healing purposes. This greenish looking chakra can heal most physical injuries at astounding speeds. Tsunade mentioned that you need to have a high intellect and a desire to help others in need to be able to use medical powers. It is unknown if any other perquisite are necessary to have this type of chakra. To use it, the ninja gathers this Chakra in the area of their body they want to use to heal someone. Highly advanced users of this Chakra are able to even use it to heal themselves, however, it results in that ninja in having a shorter life span.


Eight Gates Chakra
This Chakra strains the users body vigorously and if used wrong or past body limits, it may cause the user to die. If the Chakra is released through the gates within you depending on what it passes your speed/agility and power increases dramatically, but then again each move you make is like death for yourself if used incorrectly. This type of Chakra is suitable for mainly taijutsu moves as it increases speed for you to move around faster to release devastating blows and power to make them hard enough to hurt. The more gates opened the more power you obtain and the more life threatening it becomes as muscles start to strain and muscle fibers start to rip. Around the body is goes green and blue chakra flows around it. The eight gates are (in order of release):
1. Intial Gate (left side of the brain)
2. Energy Gate (right side of the Brain)
3. Life Gate
4. Wound Gate
5. Limit Gate
6. View Gate
7. Wonder Gate
8. Death Gate