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Summoning Guide
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In NARUTO, ninja are able to summon animals to fight on their behalf. This is called the Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Jutsu). To be able to summon these animals, ninja must sign a contract in blood with the species. Once done so,  the ninja can summon that species of an animal to help them out. We have seen animals of different sizes and skill levels. This depends on the ninja calling the animal and their chakra levels. The quantity of will chakra used at the time of the invocation will determine which size and skilled will appear. A small quantity of will chakra will lead to the appearance of a small animal and a large quantity of will chakra will lead to a large and powerful animal appearing.

To summon the creature the ninja will often cut their hand (as a sacrafice), perform the necessary handseals and then touch their hand to the ground with some force. Once done so, the summoned animal appears. There can be variations to the summoning steps. Orochimaru, for example, wipes his blood across a snake tattoo on his arm first, and then touch the ground.

Below are some of the summonings found in NARUTO.

Toad Summonings

Currently we know of only three people who have signed a summoning contract and can call upon the toads in NARUTO. All three are from the Hidden Leaf Village and they include Jiraiya, the Fourth Hokage and Naruto. There are a few different types of toads. They are below.

Gamabunta the King of Toads
Gamabunta is truly the dream of all summoning ninja. His skill with the sword and knowledge of the world is not only powerful but essential. His great size and humorous behavior may take a while to get used to, but once you achieve the skill to summon him, you will be lifelong companions. Gamabunta will not fight anything that isn't a challenge, so calling him to a simple battle between a single shinobi will only result in angering or insulting him. He does however enjoy challenging fights against greater summons, and would prefer only to be called when in life threatening situations. Gamabunta was used by the Fourth Hokage and helped to defeat the Nine-tailed fox.


Gamasushi the Knight of Toads
Wielding two swords Gamasushi is known mostly as "Watch Tower Destroyer" and "Yataikusushi". He is the most skilled of second most powerful toad. He can wield some powerful skills, but his true talent is in swordplay. He speaks but only when not in combat, when he does fight he typically doesn't say a word. Gamasushi is most known for battling alongside his summoner, with great skill and execution. He first appeared in the attack on the Hidden Leaf Village by the Sand Village when Jiraiya used him to fight Orochimaru's large snakes that were destroying the village..


He has great strength, but has not been seen in full battle yet. We only have seen him block Kisame's sword so that it would not hit Naruto when Itachi and Kisame were about to kidnap Naruto.


Traveling Toad
This toad is called The Traveling Toad because his summoner rides him place to place. His first appearance was when Jiraiya was riding on him by the some hot springs in one of the first episodes that Jiraiya appears in. Also, this is the only toad that we have seen that does not speak. 


Mostly a companion and a friend, Gamakichi is the 'talkative' toad of the group. He's smart-lipped and often has an opinion. His father is the King of all Toads, Gamabunta. A summoner cannot get anywhere with the Toads unless Gamakicihi approves of him first. With the approval of Gamakichi comes the approval of Gamabunta. He is the first real toad Naruto summons and appears often when Naruto makes a mistake in his summoning jutsu.


This chubby little frog is more or less for company and nothing else. He eats more then he should be able to take in and is often a whiner. Although cute, Gamatasu is good for nothing more then a laugh. He is the toad Jiraiya accidentally summons during his tag-team battle between Orochimaru and Kabuto with Tsunade and Naruto.
A Toad's Stomach
Jiraiya has the ability to call upon the stomach of a toad. When Jiraiya does this, it turns the surrounding area into the stomach of a toad to be used as a type of prison which imprisons its enemies and than slowly digests them. Before Itachi, no one had ever broken out of this jutsu.

Snakes Summonings

Currently we know of only two people who could call upon the snakes in NARUTO. Both of them are originally from the Hidden Leaf Village and they Orochimaru and Anko. It is assumed that Anko signed the same summoning contract as her old sensai Orochimaru to gain the ability to summon snakes.

Manda the King of Snakes
Like Gamabunta, he is the king of the summoned animals in his species. Each time Orochimaru calls upon this him, Manda requires sacrifices of live prey. He seems to reflect Orochimaru's evil personality and is not the most obedient summon. Manda denied Kabuto's request during the fight between the three legendary sannin.


Anko's Basic Snake
Anko summoned this giant snake to destroy a cave wall and provide shelter by traveling in its mouth.
Three Headed Snake
This snake was called upon by Orochimaru when he was attacking the Hidden Leaf Village. These snake was quite powerful and did a lot of damage to the Hidden Leaf Village. Eventually it was defeated by the toad Jiraiya summoned, Gamasushi. 


Orochimaru's Basic Snake
During the Chunnin exams in stage 2 The Forest of Death, Orochimaru calls upon this snake to occupy Naruto while Orochimaru attacked Sasuke. It ate Naruto quickly and it seemed to be the end for him, however Naruto thought of all the people he cared about and his desire for a fight with Sasuke and defeated this snake with his Shadow Replication Jutsu.

Other Summoned Animals

Katsuyu the Queen of Slugs
This is the 5th Hokage / legendary sannin  Tsunade's summon. The first time we see Katsuyu was when Tsunade called upon it during the fight between the three legendary sannin. Although Katsuyu seems harmless, it is rather powerful. Its soft body gives it the ability todivide into millions of small slugs in the event of attack and escape its attacker. It can also send a kind of very powerful acid on its enemy. Unlike Manda (the snake king) and Gamabunta (the toad king), Katsuyu is a very nice and respectful. 


Enma the King of Monkeys
Enma is the summoning of the Third Hokage, Sarutobi. It seems to be the most powerful out of all the summons. The versatility of Enma is very impressive. In addition to having a great physical force, it is wise, intelligent, quick and can be transformed into a weapon of great power and practically unbreakable. Enma can also speak and it is very friendly with Third Hokage. Enma first appeared when the Third Hokage summoned him to help him fight Orochimaru during Orochimaru's attack on the Hidden Leaf Village.


Pakkun the Puppy
Pakkun is a summoning of Kakashi Hatake. Pakkun is a very intelligent ninja puppy with an excellent sense of smell, which often helps Kakashi and his allies in missions that require finding someone. Pakkun is the one who helped find Sasuke after he went off to chase Gaara during the Chuunin Exams.


Eight Dogs
Kakashi summoned 8 dogs during the fight with Zabuza. Kakashi made use of them by immobilizing Zabuza by trapping him so that Kakashi could defeat Zabuza with his Childori.


The Totoise
This is Gai's summon. We only sees him for a few minutes right before the first part of the Chuunin examination. Rock Lee wanted to beat Sasuke to a pulp and wanted to use an attack that Gai told him to only use to save someone precious. This tortoise stopped Lee's attack, as Lee seemed to show him a lot of respect.